Error installing MKLinux DR3 (NOT bootstrap.conf problem)

Error installing MKLinux DR3 (NOT bootstrap.conf problem)

Post by Andrew Carlo » Mon, 05 Oct 1998 04:00:00

While installing MKLinux DR3 off the CD that came with the reference
release, I keep receiving the following panic message:

version string Mac 3.0 Version (PMK 1.1): gilbert <osfmk>; Wed Jun 10
17:45:08 PDT 1998; mac_kernal/PRODUCTION (

Backtrace: 0025f31c 00212454 0029065c 002a0e24 0021daac 0021dfe8
00224590 00225430

This happens while the Red Hat installer is actually installing files,
while I am telling it the proper configurations, etc.  Once it even
happened when I was *launching* the installer.  Does anyone know what
is happening here who can help a poor Linux newbie out?

I am installing this on an external SCSI hard drive, on a
PowerComputing PowerBase 240 (Yes, I know...), with 240 MHz, 24 MB
RAM, with an internal SCSI CD-ROM drive.

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I installed mklinux DR3 from the CD-ROM. After installation, following
the instructions, I booted into MacOS and edited my lilo.conf file as
required. Upon reboot to MkLinux I got and error message saying the
bootstrap.conf file could not be found. I checked and double checked to
ensure that I entered the right partition address. My MacOS partition is
HFS+, but from my understanding the HFS+ problem only relates to
installation problems.

Nonetheless, I installed the core MacOS on a ZIP drive, along with all
the related MkLinux files and tried booting from the ZIP. I still got
the same message.

Any ideas?


Robin Steed
Ottawa-Carleton Institute for Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Carleton University
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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