First Impressions from a SuSE PPC install

First Impressions from a SuSE PPC install

Post by Jon » Tue, 25 Jan 2000 04:00:00


How can you get the beta?  I'm very interested in knowing.  (I'll jump
over to comp.os.linux.powerpc since you cross posted to
comp.sys.mac.system and got me all interested again!)


Quote:>Earlier in the week, someone asked me to comment on how my SuSE install
>went. Here goes:

>Hardware: Apple Macintosh PowerMac 7200/90, with an 8 MB Matrox
>Millenium II, Sony 100 ES, Onboard Ethernet, 64 Mb Memory, Apple Mouse,
>Apple Extended Keyboard II, Kensington TurboMouse ADB, Sony Floppy, and
>a 1.2 Gig Quantum Fireball.

>Purpose: Cache-ing only nameserver and (mostly) static content web


>o   Installation went without a hitch, taking a total of 50 minutes-
>most of the hardware was recognized immediately, with the sole exception
>of a Kensington (ADB) Turbomouse, which still works fine as a one button

>o   Configuration was also fairly easy- having used linuxconf before, to
>the point of where I mostly just know what conf files to edit by hand
>already, it was pretty mindless.

>o   The documentation is  fairly rough where it even exists, and as SuSE
>says, don't expect any help with your configuration or installations.
>(Although the appropriate man pages and HOWTOs are mostly all there.
>Supplemental support documentation, such as perldoc pages are there
>mostly at the whim of the package creator.) And they weren't kidding!
>About a quarter of what on-line help is available has traces of German
>sprinkled throughout it, which is no big deal for me, but it might trip
>up others.

>o   Gnome and KDE held no surprises or gotchas, and I was able to set up
>a useable X desktop in five or so minutes. Since I've used the exact
>same hardware setup on a few other boxes, I simply copied and
>hand-edited my config files and skipped XF86Config. Most of the network
>and application software I wanted to use, such as BIND, Apache, mySQL,
>and Perl are fairly up to date, but there were a few standbys that I
>missed having available, such as the latest release of PHP, but that's
>something I expect to see (OK, would hope they'd release) when they're
>out of beta and selling CDs.


>o   I'd rate it fairly highly on ease of installation- YaST is a
>pleasure to use. (And I really like the ability to save package
>configurations to a floppy) After installing Solaris, FreeBSD, and
>RedHat on a few SPARC & x86 machines over the last two years, I can
>honestly say that this was about least aggravating install job I've ever

>o   I can't speak about performance or stability yet, but so far so
>good. Documentation is lacking, and as a result, I wouldn't advise
>newbies to go out and stick it onto their old Mac PPC Hardware just yet.
>After all, it is only a beta release. If you do install it, whatever you
>do, read the 'README.txt' file over several times before starting, or
>the forecast will call for pain. The authors of the readme document may
>or may not be used to speaking English, and probably talk in C all day
>instead. :-)

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First Impressions from a SuSE PPC install

Post by Charles Behr » Wed, 26 Jan 2000 04:00:00

I installed it on my BW 350 Rev 2.  I'm no Linux guru but I got most of
it working.  Having installed LinuxPPC before made things easier.

I installed the 2.2.14pre19 kernal.  This caused my keyboard to act
screwing, but I managed to install the fixes as outlined on the
Blue&White LinuxPPC page.  I couldn't get XF68Dev or whatever to work
with my ATI 128, but Xpmac works.  I still can't get the dhcp to work
with my cable modem.

-- Chip