PDisk works on Mac, not properly under Linux

PDisk works on Mac, not properly under Linux

Post by Anthony Hopkin » Fri, 23 Jun 2000 04:00:00

I have a big problem, I have successfully created my "root" and "swap"
partitions on my PB G3 (Lombard) under the MacOS; but when I go into
LinuxPPC (R5), pdisk doesn't acknowledge my disk (/dev/hda) as a disk
(message "no such device" is stated) and if I look in the partition
section of the installer program in XWindows, I am presented with no
partitions/info.  How can pdisk be made to recognize my "root" and
"swap" partitions in LinuxPPC (fdisk and Disk Druid also don't
recognize/acknowledge the partitions once again, like pdisk).

Furthermore, if you guys can help with the pdisk issue, I have a
problem where Norton Disk Doctor "repairs" my "root" and "swap" so they
are back to being HFS partitions; how do I stop and then make Norton
Disk Doctor properly recognise/not recognize my Linux partitions.

My partition map is as follows:

      *this is on a PB G3 (Lombard) with a 4.5GB IDE HD

      PM | Format                -  Name        | Partition Size

I have converted partitions 11 and 12 into "root" and "swap"
respectively, though as I mentioned NDD converted them back to HFS as
noted above.

Thanks for any help.

Anthony Hopkins


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