mklinux (linux pmac), french keyboard & Performa 5400

mklinux (linux pmac), french keyboard & Performa 5400

Post by Jean-Francois Marronnie » Wed, 04 Feb 1998 04:00:00

Hy everyone,

Since a few day I have the linuxppc distribution (thank Marcia...).
After the installation a strange problem come.

I can change correctly my keybord mapping. The value of the key who have
the keycode 0 (the key 'a' on the can be bind to the letter

Elswhere, this version is very good and quick

Thanks for all help...

ps: excuse my poor english

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mklinux (linux pmac), french keyboard & Performa 5400

Post by Plana » Wed, 04 Feb 1998 04:00:00

>I can change correctly my keybord mapping. The value of the key who have
>the keycode 0 (the key 'a' on the can be bind to the letter

Try this file with your French keyboard:


-- Planar


1. New user with Performa 5400 MkLinux DR3

I'm encouraged by my success so far.  I have achieved a very minimal
install from files on a Magazine Cover CD (Mac World, UK). I'd like to
pass on some information about this install (I hope I'm not wasting
anyone's time by posting know information) and ask some 'newbie'

1. Beware of the text files on this Magazines CD.  The ones that need to
be read by MkLink need to in UNIX format not Mac format (I used Alpha to
convert the line endings).  Particularly the .conf file in the
mach_servers folder used at boot time (you'll get an error on line 1 if
it's in still in Mac format).

2. The CD cannot be used at install time. All 155Mb of the RedHat folder
need to sit on a HFS (not HFS+) partition.  This should be a top level
folder (not on the desktop).  MkLinux appears not to read Mac CD's.

3. It was not obvious to me that I needed to create a swap partition
called 'swap' and this is not included within the size needed
calculations in the readme file.

Unfortunately for me, my Performa's Hard disk is HFS+ and I didn't want
to reformat and reinstall everything just to test drive MkLinux.  Thus I
was left with a 258M (non-Apple) SCSI drive.  This I partitioned (with
the 3rd party utility supplied with the disk drive) in to three; and HFS
partition to hold the mach_servers folder and the RedHat folder (159M),
and two free partitions; one of 8M for the 'swap' and the rest for
'root'.  Thus my root has only about 90M.  I could then run the MkLinux
installer to format the free partitions and do the install.  I did the
very minimum install of 50M as I could not workout how to do otherwise
(a default installation is bigger than my disk space in root and I don't
know enough to custom install)

Now some questions:

1.  Is it possible to install the X-Server with so little space (90M)?
Remember I'm just looking to test dive MkLinux for now (and I cannot
afford a new bigger HD just yet).  Performance is not an issue (yet).

2. How do I install the X-Server?  I tried rpm with the X11R3-xxx
packages (do I need them all). and I got lots of ####... which I assume
is good.  But startx errors (does not exist).  What more do I need to

3. Without an X-Server can I get mouse control at all.  Vim seems to
imply that I can, but it's instructions did not work for me.  What else
do I need to do.

4.  How else could I have installed on this system such I could give
more space to MkLinux?  Which if any files could I trim from the RedHat
folder to reduce its size - any suggestions?  Could I now re-use the HFS
part by converting it to an MkLinux partition some how?  Could I find a
way to install from the CD?

5.  Is the full Reference Release available in the UK (or do I need to
wait for the 2 week+ shipage from the US)


Steven Borley

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