audio issues

audio issues

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I have audio working, CD play through, etc.  But it is only playing on the
built in speaker, not the speakers I have attached to the "sound out".  Is
it possible to overide the internal speaker in linux (i have kernel
2.1.24 and a UMAX J700)?

Matt "that sounds like a tin can" Hickey


1. Audio Issues/Questions

        I am planning to RIP my CD collection onto a few very large drives
and would ultimately like to connect a Solaris box upto my stereo for

        The problem with connecting up a Solaris box to what I consider a not
quite a hi-end home stereo system are the following:

        1) I won't have a graphical monitor to connect to it.
        2) Sound card support

        To work around problem 1, I will have a dumb ascii terminal to use to
log in/out and traverse the file systems. But, I know that everytime I boot up
my SPARC box I need to bring up sdtaudiocontrol application to do the

        - Disable the internal speaker.
        - Enable the external speakers on the "line out" jack.
        - Set the volume to 100%

        How big of a problem is this? Not too bad as I can always jump onto
another Solaris box and remotely login to handle this task. But I'm thinking
of the wife here as that is rpobably going to be distatefull to her being a
Windows person and all.

        So my question is, is there anyway to setup the audio driver on
Solaris such that when the machine is booted up, is there anyway to have
these specific values be the default such we won't ever even have to
remotely login the box to set these values?

        Now for problem # 2.

        A little different. We could use the headphone jack splitter to run
into the let and righ channels on the pre-amp. I've tried this and it works,
but the sound quality is not the same as popping in a CD into the CD changer.
Using the headphone jack, the music sounds flat and it's not something I find
pleasurable. But it's not so bad. I mean, If I wasn't A/B'ing the 2 side by
side, I may not have know that the audio was flat when using the headphone
jack on the Ultra 60.

        So, is there any support at all for higher end audio cards on a
Solaris SPARC box. Not a X86 system. And by a higher-end audio card, I
mean an audio card that has left/right jacks on the back of it designed to
be connected to a stereo system as opposed to an audio card that has
headphone jacks. I believe that these jacks are called RCA jacks?

        Any info appreciated.

Thanks, Jim


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