NewerTech G3 upgrades: good news!

NewerTech G3 upgrades: good news!

Post by Mike Zula » Sat, 15 Jan 2000 04:00:00

Hi all,

yesterday I got an email from Newer about an upgrade for the driver
software for their upgrade cards.  They've just released version 2.0.

I wasn't having any problems with their old software, but I thought I'd
download it and take a look at it anyway.  I installed it, and have checked
it out a bit.  The good news it that it appears that you no longer have to
go through any of those weird configurations to get their software to work
with MkLinux anymore (at least on my system).  I know some people have
continued to have problems, and this might help them.

Basically, their software is now typed as scri, not INIT.  The MkLinux
Booter is also scri (originally at least), but the MaxPower software loads
first, and seems to work flawlessly (for me).

In addition, they now include an Control Panel that allows you to play with
L2 cache speed (I don't know why).  Their guage software is a little nicer,
and gives you the processor temperature, and some other data.

I haven't tried using BootX yet, but hopefully this won't mess with that

Anyway, if you're still having problems getting your upgrade to work with
MkLinux, this may help.


Mike Zulauf


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