Trouble installing LinuxPPC 1999 on PowerMac 7500

Trouble installing LinuxPPC 1999 on PowerMac 7500

Post by Scott Gree » Thu, 11 Nov 1999 04:00:00


I'm trying to install LinuxPPC 1999 (from the CD) onto my PowerMac 7500
(166 Mhz/96MB RAM).  I have an IBM UltraStar 4.2GB SCSI HD that has OS
8.6, and a Quantum Fireball 1.0GB SCSI HD onto which I'm trying to
install Linux.  I can reformat and repartition the Fireball drive using
Apple HD SCSI Setup OR with Pdisk (on the Mac OS side), but when I boot
to the LinuxPPC CD and run the installer, the installer CAN'T SEE the
Fireball drive.  I have tried it several times, no luck.  I see the
message "MESH 0: aborted" during the install program.  The SCSI chain
is:  the Fireball is SCSI 0.0, termination off; CD-ROM SCSI 0.3; and the
UltraStar 4.2GB (last device on the chain) is SCSI 0.6, termination on.

Please help!  Thanks.

Scott Green
Chapel Hill, NC