Cannot Boot

Cannot Boot

Post by Shinji Ikar » Sun, 29 Aug 1999 04:00:00

on such a new powerbook the hard disk is probably formatted with HFS+ and
linux ppc wont read HFS+


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I have a Dell Dimension XPS with Win 95 preinstalled.
I used Partition Magic to reduce the Win95 partition to get free disk
space. First, I used the OS/2 boot manager that comes along with
Partition Magic to be able to boot Win95 or Linux.
After that I tried to install Red Hat on the free disk space.
It won't allow me to install LILO, I get:
' an error occured during step "install bootloader" of the install'
If I skip this step I can continue with the install, but then I can
not boot from floppy ( with: linux ramdisk=0 root=/dev/hda2  ), I get
dozens of lines like:
'end_request: I/O error ,  dev 01:00, sector 3998'

After that I removed the OS/2 boot manager and made space on the
beginning of the hard drive, hoping  that LILO now has enough space to
be installed, but the errors remain just as described above.

Has anybody any ideas as to what is going on here ?
Any help is appreciated !

Ralf Altreuther

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