Sticky trackpad buttons and other linuxppc oddities

Sticky trackpad buttons and other linuxppc oddities

Post by Roberto Maria Avanzi Mocenig » Sun, 05 Dec 1999 04:00:00

With the powerbook (japanese G3) of my
girlfriend we experience a strange behaviour.

We installed linuxppc 5 and as default
the UI is gnome.   When we log in sometimes
the text "enlightenment is loading" will not
appear and the machine waits endlessly.

It happens if we press the return key after we
write the username, the password, and then hit
it again to log in.  If we move the pointer with
the trackpad  and click in the fields and to log
in, usually it works.

Moreover the light on the caps lock key sometimes
is wrong, and every now and then the environment
thinks one of the mouse buttons is down and we have
to press some keys (shift, alt, crtl, in some order)
before resuming normal behaviour.

Is there a way to change the set of keys that have
to be pressed to restart gnome and log out ?

We have a lot of strange problems, I know.

/_/   Roberto Maria Avanzi Mocenigo
_/  "All musics are created equal"  Peter Schickele
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1. trackpad click in LinuxPPC 1999

I saw an answer to this question (probably here) not to long ago, but
didn't note the fix as I was running MkLinux on my G3PB at the time.

Well, I've since switched to LinuxPPC-1999, and that *&$#&$ tap-clicking
is about to drive me nuts.

I've checked the Faq-O-Matic, and either I'm incompetent (I wouldn't rule
it out) or it just ain't there.

Any help on this situation would be greatly appreciated.

On a rhetorical note, anyone know why the good people who so graciously
developed LinuxPPC decided to dump so much stuff into the /usr directory.
When I had MkLinux installed, even with X, all the dev tools, and a bunch
of other junk that I never touched, my /usr partition never went over
about 45-50% full. LinuxPPC filled the exact same partition COMPLETELY!

Granted, the partition is only about 650MB or so, but I've only got a 1GB
partition to work with.

Anyway, my real concern is with the tap-clicking.

TIA for any help anyone can provide.


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