Help: pdisk lost a partition???

Help: pdisk lost a partition???

Post by Dave Shewfel » Sat, 22 Aug 1998 04:00:00


I am just getting into the Linux thing, so much of this is new to me.  I have
a PB G3 series, and I recently used pdisk to set up some of my free space for
Linux.  I noticed a "strange" little partition in the list that came at the
bottom of the list even though it seemed to overlap the early portion of the
disk (according to length and base columns).  In my first attempt at using
pdisk, something went bad and I messed up my data partitions (but not my
system partition) which wasn't a big deal because I had backed up my data.
But, when I went back in with pdisk to try again, that "strange" little
partition was gone.  Not thinking much of it, I redid my HFS data partitions
and set up my UNIX partitions for Linux.  At no time did the PB have any
problems with booting to the MacOS.  

Now, the problem.  I was using Password Security on my PB, but I had turned it
off when I started to mess with pdisk.  Once I finished setting up all the
partitions, and everything seemed great, I tried to turn on Password Security
in the MacOS.  The control panel comes up all grayed out-- nothing I do will
let me turn on Password Security.  I have no idea if I am way off the mark or
not, but I remembered that "strange" little partition that disappeared and I
wonder if it was something to do with Password Security.

Can anybody using a PB G3 series, Password Security in the MacOS, and running
Linux on their 'Book please look at their partition table using pdisk and see
if they have one of those "strange" little partitions.  If so, could you send
me the info in the columns so I could try to recreate it and see if that makes
Password Security work again.

Or, if anybody has any other info that might apply, I would be truly grateful.



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