Thinking of installing ...

Thinking of installing ...

Post by sah » Fri, 22 Jun 2001 07:10:46

Yellowdog 2.0 on my wife's iMac.

Any experience out there?  How does it perform?  We have highspeed internet
and her OS9 is painfully slow compared to my PC under Caldera or Win2K.
Will she get linux type internet speed on the mac?

How about Mac on Linux?  Will her MS Office 98 apps work under this distro?

Thanks in advance guys,

Stu Howe


1. WARNING!! Think before installing xlf 4

xlf4 is supplied on the SDS CD in both 'Trial' and 'Regular'
versions.  Unless you use the 'showcase' utility to install
xlf4, you will probably get the 'Trial' version, whether you
want it or not.  The 'Trial' version will expire in 60 days
whether or not you have NetLS license keys.  You will have
to 'overwrite install' the 'Regular' version.

Installing the 'Regular' version requires a decryption key.
After using 'showcase' to decrypt xlf4,
if you are using an installation server, you might want to
use SMIT to copy from the resulting directory to another
directory to straighten out the file names and pre-select
which products to keep.

xlf4 also uses NetLS.  Why, then, does it require a decryption
key to install?  Because the '-qnolm' option to xlf causes it
to _not_ use NetLS!!!  You can save yourself the usual hassle
of getting and installing NetLS keys by sticking '-qnolm' in
/etc/xlf.cfg as a default option.  You will also save yourself
about .5 seconds per compilation.

IBM employees seem to be entirely ignorant of these issues.
Either that, or they're trying to keep it a secret.  I vote
for #1.

Let me know if you find this useful.  I'm curious as to how
many other people are getting confused by this situation.


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