How do i configure my "boot-device" and "boot-file" (LinuxPPC)?

How do i configure my "boot-device" and "boot-file" (LinuxPPC)?

Post by Morten Reippuert Knudse » Sun, 07 Jun 1998 04:00:00

I CAN'T BOOT!!!!!!!!!

I have a G3/233dt with a SyQuest EZ 135 drive at SCSI id4.

I have installed  LinuxPPC/Red Hat (without X) on two Apple_UNIX_SRV2
partitions on a EZ 135 disk.
The root partition is number 5
The swap partition is number 6.
The vmlinux file is in the path: root/boot/vmlinux

I did not have any problems booting from a floppy containing the
g3installer.coff from the Open Firmware interface.

My question is how do I configure "boot-device" and "boot-file" ?

access to comp.os.linux.powerpc from my home ISP provider.

I have looked in"Linux on PowerMac FAQ-O-Matic" and tried all the options I
can think of, but it wont work - Perhaps am  I not as smart as I thought

I understand that if I uncheck the "auto-boot option" in "Boot Variables"
and configure "boot-device" & "boot-file correct", I should be able to
choose between MacOS and LinuxPPC at startup be typing ether "boot" or "bye"
in the Open Firmware interface. Am I right?

mvh. Morten Reippuert Knudsen

Rigtige m?nd tager ikke backup !