LinuxPPC 2000, AIWA USB Travan and backup

LinuxPPC 2000, AIWA USB Travan and backup

Post by David B. O'Donnel » Wed, 12 Apr 2000 04:00:00

Does anyone know if LinuxPPC comes with a backup tool that will write to a
tape drive* off the USB bus? (Will one show up as a device I can tar

I'm thinking of replacing the AIWA TD-U8000 I bought to backup my Macs and
PC with a larger capacity drive now that the three machines have over 100GB
of disk storage between them, and would hate to toss the little AIWA drive
if I don't have to. I know Retrospect says it can back up over Appletalk...
but the iMac I have running LinuxPPC 2000 is perfectly sized for the drive.



1. AIWA TD-U8000 USB Travan Tape


I'm using FreeBSD 4.2 and I was wondering if the AIWA TD-U8000 USB
Travan Tape is supported.

How can I find out? I made some searches on the web with no success.

If this Travan USB tape is supported, anyone can help to let my know how
I can use it to backup or restore files?

Can I just use tar?



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