3Dfx Card v. LinuxPPC v4

3Dfx Card v. LinuxPPC v4

Post by Heinrich H. Beck, Jr » Tue, 18 Aug 1998 04:00:00

I have a 7200/90 with a 3Dfx card (for playing Myth, of course!)

I am installing LinuxPPC v4, will the 3DFX*up my installation?

Do I have to get a coiff file or something?

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1. 3dfx Voodoo card & Linuxppc & XFree 4

        Hi all,

    After a long struggle with linux I finaly got my 3dfx
card (Voodoo 3 2000) working with linuxppc (2D,
accelerated), using the newest XFree 4 drivers. Since this
does not seem so easy to achieve, I've put up a web page to
explain how I did it, with the compiled kernel (2.2.18-pre23
with tdfxfb).

    You can find the page here:

    Hope that can help some people out there.

    If you have other tips (or you find this page useless)
let me know. I'd be interested if someone made it work with
a 2.4 kernel and the newest tdfx frambuffer (and BootX,
since some of my problems may come from it).

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