Ummm, problems with the stock kernels on a Blue&White G3

Ummm, problems with the stock kernels on a Blue&White G3

Post by Atma Stormfighte » Fri, 18 Jun 1999 04:00:00

Well, I've been messing around with LinuxPPC on my brand new Blue&White
G3, but it won't boot if it detects either of my HDs.  I can get it to
boot with "hda=none hdb=none," but that isn't useful, of course, because
I can't install if I can't access my HDs, eh?  Anyway, I've tried BootX
1.0.2 and 1.1.1, tried the first and second versions of the "Blue G3"
kernels, and anything else I could think of.  I have a PowerMac G3 350,
with 128 megs of RAM, I've set up the G3 Cache as explained in the HOWTO
on Robert Shaw's page, and I've added a second HD, a ten gig UDMA2
Western Digital, to go with my stock 6 gig UDMA Maxtor that comes with
the Blue G3s.  I'm out of ideas, so I'm asking you guys.  Please help,
I'm kind of embarressed to need to ask for help after being so good with
Slackware Linux on my i80x86 box...

-Atma Stormfighter


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Well, guys, after three long nights, I FINALLY got a Linux distro
installed.  It's running, and well, compiling blazingly fast compared to
anything I've seen on i80x86... but, I want to compile my own kernel,
instead of use the stock blue&white G3 kernel.  I tried just compiling a
kernel and it didn't work.  Anyone know where they have the patch for
the blue&white G3 hidden?  Or anything that makes it work, without a patch?

-Atma Stormfighter

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