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I have been trying to get xinit from the MIT core distribution to successfully
kill my X386 windowing system when I request it.  As it stands, with a
correctly made .xinitrc, when I exit motif, the xserver exits (nicely) as well.
The problem is that it seems that when my xinit STARTS the x server, the
x server doesn't utilize its color database (or it cant find one).  I am
that /usr/lib/X11/rgb.txt is the server color database.  When I use the xinit
supplied with the X386 binaries, the server utilizes the color database but I
can't kill the xserver (nicely) when I exit motif (nor when I exit twm).

If anyone out there (Thomas Roell??) has the origional code to the xinit
in the binary X386 distribution, I will be happy to supply the changes
to it so
that the x server can be killed (nicely) when the window manager exits.


doug anson

Univ of Delaware

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