Configureing yaboot for a PowerBook G3 Bronze in LinuxPPC-2000

Configureing yaboot for a PowerBook G3 Bronze in LinuxPPC-2000

Post by Martin Costabe » Mon, 28 Feb 2000 04:00:00

> I have tried to configure yaboot on my PowerBook G3 Bronze with the new
> LinuxPPC 2000 Lite that I downloaded. I have it installed and working, but
> only with BootX. I followed the instructions in the manual (PDF) but it
> still does not work. I have my root partition on /dev/hda7 (type
> Apple_UNIX_SVR2) and my /boot (type Apple_HFS) partition /dev/hda9 . I have
> MacOS on hda10 and have "blessed" the /boot partition. When booting yaboot
> gives me an error the the device was not found (I am assuming the root
> partition). I have the line image = image = hd7:,vmlinux.2.2.15pre3 for the
> linuxppc label and linuxppc is set to default. Any help would be appreciated

Do you have a line root=/dev/hda7 in your yaboot.conf? It seems to me
that this is not mentioned in the manual, and I don't quite understand
all of their new tricks, but I would think that this is necessary.

Quote:> Also is there any way to get yaboot to boot Mac OS on hda10 by holding down
> a key, or typing in something like bootmac . This would probably have to be
> entered into the yaboot.conf file.

In principle, you can put something like image=$shut-down into your
yaboot.conf file. "shut-down" stands here for any OF command. In my
tests with yaboot (under lppc 1999), this one worked, but I never
succeeded in booting into MacOS in this way.



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