How to create HFS bootable CD-ROM ?

How to create HFS bootable CD-ROM ?

Post by G.L. » Tue, 09 Apr 2002 03:13:31


I am trying to figure out how to create a bootable CD-ROM
that would be usable on old-world machines, such as the
WallStreet PowerBook.

The new distros mostly have stuff that will only boot on
New World machines, but PPCLinux Q4 2000 had one that booted
on Old World machines with no problem.

If anyone knows the steps involved, I'd really appreciate
the help.



PS. If you want to reply via email, please write to
somlo at cs dot colostate dot edu


1. Creating a bootable CD-ROM ?

Can someone point me at an up-to-date and accurate HOWTO for
creating  a bootable CD-ROM , using a bzImage which will boot
if dd'd to floppy (with of course  root partition set via rdev).

This is the same bzImage which LILO boots my machine, incidentally.

(And yes, I've Google-whacked this topic with every possible combination
of CDROM/LINUX/BOOT/CDROM/ and, surprisingly, get any advice which actually
worked. Or is it me , hmmm ...  :)

I've tried creating a CD-bootable image using mkisofs, and then
writing it to CD via cdrecord, but the bootup fails (the booting
messge of continuous dots soon turns into lines
of Pc register contents , e.g. "AX=1212 etc)

Ill skip the boring details of mkisofs / cdrecord dialogues for now,
pending some kind soul's explanation.

- Gary

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