Installing KDE on a ppc

Installing KDE on a ppc

Post by Benoit Cosande » Tue, 23 Dec 1997 04:00:00

Hy there,

I've installed linux on my powerpc (7200/90) successfully. And now I'm
about to install KDE.

But  there are three problems (post-installation)
1.- kdehelp just shows the title of the files (kedit shows well
formatted HTML files as plain text)

2.- kfm just shows only directories and no files

3.- the cd-player (kcd ?) slows or even stops my computer. It doesn't
emit a single tone where the bells ring well.

Thanks for any help !

Benoit Cosandey

Post :
Europahaus Zr 302
Steubenstrasse 80
D-68163 Mannheim


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hi all,

why does kde, when compiled from scratch, sometimes install in
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kde2.0 it went to /opt/kde, now I am compiling and installing kde2.0.1
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