LinuxPPC G3 Ethernet Bug?

LinuxPPC G3 Ethernet Bug?

Post by Geoffrey Mainlan » Mon, 15 Mar 1999 04:00:00

I have been trying to install LinuxPPC on my G3 Macintosh (using the
internal ethernet connection) for the past two days. I am able to
connect to the network, ftp, and telent, but if I try to do a large
transfer, my network connection is shut down (the routers at Harvard
shut down an ethernet jack when they detect trash-packets). It seems as
though the ethernet driver for the G3 internal ethernet card may be
incorrectly setting the source MAC address or doing something else that
makes the router think the packet has no business coming from my
machine. I have had this problem when doing FTP installs of both R4 and
R5 (R5 using kernel 2.2.0), and after successfuly installing R4 (using
kernel 2.1.24--I ended up FTPing R4 to an HFS partition and doing a
local install).

Has anyone had similar problems? Any ideas?

Please follow-up via e-mail as well as via comp.os.linux.powerpc.