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iMac, Rev D.  YDL; everything has installed, but it WON'T BOOT into
Linux to save my arce!
*I've changed yaboot.conf per recommendations to place \\\\ where \\ is
(erroneously) found.
*Yaboot, yaboot.conf, vmlinux and bootscript is in Systems Folder.
*I've rebooted into OF, typed "setenv boot-device hd:,\\bootscript"
boot <CR>
...but I'm back in Mac OS no matter what I do (yes, I'm holding down the
spacebar for dual boot).  Nowhere in the yaboot.conf, however, is /root=
location specified (in my case, /dev/hda6).  Should it be?  If so,

I've gone through the entire install process three times and taken
notes, but I can't see what I'm missing.

I really don't want to buy OS X.  Help!



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Hello All,
I'm trying to install YDL 1.2 on a PB G3 and can't get yaboot to play
nicely, and seem to remember that there was a problem with the syntax of the
yaboot.conf file on the distro CD.

My mount is hda10
My swap is hda11

Could somebody please send me a copy a working yaboot.conf file so I can see
what I'm doing wrong?

Digital Djinn

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