missing in LinuxPPC2000? missing in LinuxPPC2000?

Post by Bernhard Reit » Fri, 21 Apr 2000 04:00:00

dvips fails here, because seems to be missing in
all LinuxPPC2000 rpms. Only the static variant is there.

Anybody found it or knows where to get an updated tetex-dvips rpm
for ppc including the ?

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1. Problem installing LinuxPPC2000 on SCSI drive on G4/400

Hello. I am hoping someone will have an idea of how to help me with a
problem I have with installing LinuxPPC 2000 on a G4/400 100-BASE-T

The machine has an internal 10 gig IDE and a Grappler 906F PCI SCSI-2
card with 2 x Quantum Fireball 4 Gig drives connected internally.

I have partitioned one of the Quantum's for the Linux install as HFS
Standard partitions, 3996MB for root and 160MB for swap, but I start up
off the LinuxPPC CD and, wouldn't you know it, all it sees is the IDE
drive. Not really surprising given the drive hangs off the PCI bus.

I'd prefer not to have to reformat the IDE drive as I want to keep Linux
off the main drive. I guess there's another way to do this but as I'm
new to this I'm kind of stuck. I've considered making changes to yaboot
to tell it the drive to go and then building a new CD but I'm probably a
little out of my depth. Would this be something I can tweak using the
Open Firmware?

Anyone have any ideas?

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