MOL won't boot MacOS on r/w volume

MOL won't boot MacOS on r/w volume

Post by Dav » Sat, 22 Apr 2000 04:00:00

I've had MOL up and running, but the last time I had it up successfully I
accidentally closed the MOL window without shutting down MacOS.  Now when
MOL starts booting MacOS, MacOS hangs just after selecting MacOS from
BootX.  I set the startup volume as read-only in /etc/molrc and then MacOS
boots fine.  The problem is, of course, I can't do much of anything once
it's booted.

MacOS boots fine outside of linux/MOL.

I've ripped and reinstalled MOL to no avail.  I've tried various ROM
images, but I get the same result.

Any ideas?


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I'm having a weird problem with my iBook SE Graphite after trying to
install LinuxPPC: Booting off the CD-ROM, choosing a yaboot
configuration (i.e. video settings and a kernel image) I managed to boot
into Linux. However, I didn't manage to boot back into MacOS. The real
weird thing is, that not even zapping Parameter RAM (cmd-opt-P-R) did
the trick! Moreover, booting into OF (cmd-opt-O-F) and typing "boot
hd:13,\\:tbxi" (partition 13 is my "Macintosh HD") didn't work either,
and examining the output of OF's printenv command didn't reveal any
irregularities. It just gives me the usual gray screen, on which
normally the "Happy Mac" would appear.

The only way of booting MacOS is holding option while booting, then the
OF "boot manager" will find my Macintosh HD and happily boot off it.
What makes me unhappy is not so much this little inconvenience of
booting MacOS than not knowing _why_.

Has anyone experienced something like this?
Is anyone having a solution?

Thanks a lot,

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