Apple Remote Access server and Linux PPP access?

Apple Remote Access server and Linux PPP access?

Post by John H. Chauv » Sun, 29 Aug 1999 04:00:00

I am able to establish a TCP/IP connection with work using
MacOS 8.5.1 standard Remote Access software. The setup for
Remote Access does not require a script only Name and
Password. I believe I am connecting to a computer running
Apple Remove Access software at work but since our network
guy quit no one knows for sure. I am prompted for a password
via a dialog box.

Any hints on whether I can connect to this computer using
Linux? Since there is no connect script and Linux does not
know anything about Apple Remote Access, there is no way for
Linux to exchange userid and password.


John C.

Netcom - Online Communication Services San Jose, CA


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We have an OpenLinux1.3 box we're using for remote access (Win95 clients).
Is it possible for the dialup users to easily access the NetWare server
volumes?  I can currently telnet into the linux box, and access the volumes
that way, but I'm looking for an easy way for the users to grab files off
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session there, I have no problems following the link.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Joseph Red
BCM, Inc.

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