Anbody port a USB modem to LinuxPPC?

Anbody port a USB modem to LinuxPPC?

Post by Daniel J. McKa » Tue, 04 Apr 2000 04:00:00

Is there anybody out there who can port a USB modem to the 2.2.15pre3 kernel
that's included with the CD?  My modem is a Global Village Teleport USB 56k

How long will it be for LinuxPPC to become stable enough for the home-user?

I'm hoping Mac OSX will have these issues worked out before it is released.

How close are the two operating systems to each other to each other?


Daniel J. McKay


1. USB Modems and LinuxPPC

     I know I've asked this question before, but I've noticed while
compiling v2.2.15pre19 that USB communications are supported by it.  The
problem is though, when I run menuconfig the conifigurator will not
allow the USB options to be embedded within the kernel.  Everytime I try
and hit the return key (to move from the "M" to a "*") the system beeps
and nothing happens.  I can continue through and the compiling goes
without fail but when I try to boot with the new kernel the USB ports
are not recognized.  So far I have been forced to use the precompiled
kernel I downloaded for booting with BootX.
     Is there anyone who has successfully configured either the
2.2.15pre19 or 2.3.99pre6 for a Yikes! G4/400?  I've been using the
instructions I downloaded for the 2.2.14pre9 kernel and I'm wondering if
there are some steps that I've been missing.  Do I need to include a ln
-s /usr/src/linux/include/usb/ usb to the 7th step in the instructions?
     If there is someone who knows the steps, please reply to this with
an instruction list.
my computer set-up:

Yikes! G4/400 w/ 256MB RAM
2 gig drive (1.9GB=root, 64MB=swap)
USB keyboard and 3 button Interex Scrolling USB mouse
USB 56k Global Village Teleport - will I need a special driver from GV
for it to run?
gPort serial adapter (fits into the internal modem slot and acts like a
serial port)

If you solve this for me you are indeed Superman!



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