What's that character called???

What's that character called???

Post by Kevin O'Donova » Tue, 11 May 1999 04:00:00


I'm running LinuxPPC R4.1 on my Rev.B (Tangerine!) iMac.  Running nicely
except the keyboard mappings are a little different.  I have a British
English keyboard.  The changes I had to make to match the paint on the keys
with what comes out so are:

changing the \ | key from 57 to 58
changing the ` ~ key from 61 to 108

the # is at shift-3 instead of but I'm happy enough with that as it's
easier to get at when programming in C.

However, I'm having problems with the key, firstly I don't know what the
character is called, and secondly the alias 'plusminus' doesn't seem to be
working.  Is this available in Linux?  What is the first character called?
They are on the top left of my keyboard right under the Esc key.

thanx in advance?


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