LinuxPPC2000+PM9600=hard time

LinuxPPC2000+PM9600=hard time

Post by Nicolas Dub » Sat, 15 Apr 2000 04:00:00

Hi everyone.  I'm having a hard time installing linuxppc2000 on my
PowerMac 9600/PowerLogixG3 (IMS TwinTurbo 128 4 MB).  I installed it
with a burned install img.  Went just fine till then...

My first problem is with the video resolution.  I can't set the
resolution to something higher than 640x480.  If a set the arguments in
BootX as: "video=vmode:20", the startup goes fine, at the right
resoltion (which is 1280x1024 in that case) but when it tries to load
the X11 server, my screen goes black.  How do I get higher resolutions?

Another problem is with the video acceleration.  I would be supposed to
get it by setting the options in my /etc/X11/gdm/gdm.conf file.  When I
set the option "-tt128", I reboot a my colors goes crazy...  Any idea?

Not to mention that I have a second monitor (also on an IMS TwinTurbo
128 4 MB) than I can't get running...  Some driver supports that on

Finally, I downloaded and burned the other installation img, (the big
one, at 600MB), but I am not able to load it in the installer.  Is there
something I am missing here?

I'm working with Solaris at school/work and I'm kinda sick of MacOS
crashing at home.  Since MacOS X has no X11 support yet, I thought
LinuxPPC would be a great thing for me...  Please help! ;-)




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