two framebuffer, console problem

two framebuffer, console problem

Post by Matteo Scapuzz » Wed, 02 Jun 1999 04:00:00

Hi all,
Finaly I got Linux running on a friend's PowerMac.
I never had a MAC so I'm a bit a 'newby'.
The problem is that PC has two VideoCard,
The kernel says:
fb1 = valkirye
fb2 = ATY,mach64
vmlinux runs the console screen on the
valkirye card ( ...what a card is it? never heard
about it).
I would like to use the ATY Mach64 instead cos it's
First I guessed ( ...ROFL) some kernel boot options:
:) ... and similars
Next I recompiled the kernel turning off valkirye
support getting the final result of a BlackScreen
on boot.
How do I say to linux : run the console on the ATY card?
Thanks in advance.

two framebuffer, console problem

Post by Stephane Morva » Mon, 07 Jun 1999 04:00:00

Quote:> video=Mach64
> video=ATY
> video=ATY,Mach64

Try video=atyfb. That might do it. The only way you would be able to
specify the OpenFirmware device like you did, would be to use them with
OpenFirmware (Cmd-CTRL-O-F at boot, really quick) and do some such like
'setenv screen ATY,Mach64' after you carefully examined the device tree.
But then, you'd have to setup a bunch of other options as well. BootX is
definitely the way to go.

Stephane Morvan

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Pliz help!!


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