HELP ME!!! Installation Problems with IBM PowerPC 850

HELP ME!!! Installation Problems with IBM PowerPC 850

Post by Manuel Christe » Wed, 23 Sep 1998 04:00:00

I have a IBM PowerPC 850 with Motorola Portable Boot Loader Version 1.47
and i don't can start the installation-routine from CD.
The Maschine accept only WindowsNT for the operation System...
How I can make a BootDisc or can I boot from CD???
If I wont boot from CD, the maschine don't accept it!
I found anything about to make a Bootdisk, but is only for
existing systems....

sorry, my englisch is shit!!!

10000Thanks for the help....please!


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Hello, I have curently installed Yellowdog Linux on my IBM RS6000 Model
Power series 850. It seems to work fine but I can't get my Xwindows to
work. I get an error in regards to my mouse and my video. I tryied
Xconfigurator and setup, both with no resaults. I can't get the sound to
work ether.

If anyone has any information on setting up Linux " Any Linux " on this
computer. Please give me any pointers you may have.

I tried to get LinuxPPC 2000 to start on it, but no go. I get past the
first boot disk and it takes my first ram disk but at the end of reading
that one it never asks for the second ram disk. It just stays there and
does nothing.

Eric Labelle

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