MkLinux installation problems

MkLinux installation problems

Post by Janne Moilane » Mon, 15 Mar 1999 04:00:00


I've some problems with installing MkLinux I got on a Linux RoughtCuts
CD. I've got a PowerMac G3 (beige model) with internal IDE
(Quantum Fireball) HD and CD drives. Is my Mac compatible with MkLinux
or does my version like IDE drives (2.0.33)?

When I try to boot up from the Linux CD, I get a little over a screenful
of text on a black background (looks like it boots normally until this
stage) and after that a blue/white txt screen. After that my Mac
freezes. Keyboard's LED doesn't work (a baaad sign) and nothing happens
even if I wait wait and wait little more. I can't eject the CD, type
anything, etc. Only thing I can do is to hit cmd-ctrl-pwr key to reset
the machine.

Oh yes, above only happend if I used my external SCSI CD drive. If I try
to use my internal IDE drive (and configure lilo.conf, hopefully
correctly) I don't get even that far. Mac hangs after first screenful of
text (black&white). It looks like it doesn't even try to read the Linux
CD since I get as far with no CD inserted.

When Linux is booting, there reads "not yet online" after my external
drive's ID, when Linux detects attached drives. What does it mean? Linux
hasn't found any inserted CDs from that drive?

I haven't partitioned my only hard disk yet (single 6GB Mac HFS+) -
could this be the problem? I just can't imagine it to have anyting to do with
launching an installer from a CD...

In the blue screen, three last lines are:
Sound Initialization started
Sound Initialization complete
Ramdisk driver initialized : 16 ramdisks of 4096K size

If I copied a correct version number, there reads:
#2 Wed Jun 10 18:40:15 PDT 1998...

Email-reply welcome!

Please help, and thank you,



MkLinux installation problems

Post by MSchem » Sat, 20 Mar 1999 04:00:00

I am having similar problems. I too have a G3 with an internal CD-ROM drive. It
does not seem to recognize the CD-ROM drive (boot drive).

If you solve this problem let me know.


MkLinux installation problems

Post by Robert Lan » Sun, 21 Mar 1999 04:00:00

        You must repartition your hard disk. Linux requires a different disk
format that you're not used to.
        Suggestion: hard disks are dirt cheap. Buy one. I successfully
installed a minimal MkLinux system on an old 250M external drive. I then
bought a new 9 Gig drive for what I originally paid for the 250M.
        MkLinux doesn't handle HFS+ disks at all; after you've repartitioned,
you won't be able to read any HFS+ partitions from Linux.
        The installer is unlike anything you've experienced on a Mac. Imagine
you've got a sharp stick and the wolves are trying to get into your
cave. You don't even have fire. Be prepared to run the installer several

> I haven't partitioned my only hard disk yet (single 6GB Mac HFS+) -
> could this be the problem? I just can't imagine it to have anyting to do with
> launching an installer from a CD...

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MkLinux installation problems

Post by MSchem » Mon, 22 Mar 1999 04:00:00

I never got MkLinux to fully boot even to the install screen. But, I did get
linuxppc to install by combining my RMPS files from MkLinux cd with the files
needed for linuxppc.

It never recognized my IDE CD-ROM. I had to copy the files to my Jaz to perform
an install on my internal SCSI in HSF format.

If I tried to mount my Jaz, it would not boot!