interesting linux-ppc jdk bug

interesting linux-ppc jdk bug

Post by R Shapi » Sun, 22 Feb 1998 04:00:00

The following little class hangs the linux-pmac jdk114
compiler. I've already sent a version of this to the relevant wizards,
I'm posting here in case it's of interest to anyone else. Took me
quite awhile to track down the source of the problem in my real

import java.util.Vector;

// This little class compiles properly in Solaris jdk114 but hangs javac
// in linux-pmac jdk114. By changing the visibility of goodbye to
// anything other than private, it also compiles under linux-pmac.
// The choice of Vector is arbitrary, any extendable class will do.

class Test2

  private Vector x;

  private void goodbye () {

  private void hello () {
    x = (new Vector() {
      public void m1() {




1. Announcing JDK 1.2.2 pre and JDK 1.1.8 for PPC


Your Java Blackdown Porting Team for PPC is pleased to announce:
for Linux on PPC glibc 2.1 based systems (other archs will come soon)

- Sun's Java Development Kit 1.2.2 (Java 2) "pre-release"

- Sun's Java Development Kit 1.1.8 Version 2 (final)

Note: The JDK 1.2.2  is "pre-release" because I have not yet
proven to Sun's satisfaction that it successfully passes all
of the JCK tests (it has passed all of the JCK tests I have
tried to date and should be a very stable port).

Due to recently found bugs in glibc 2.1.2 and in kernel 2.2.13 the following
glibc and kernel (or later versions) are required for native threads to

    - glibc 2.1.3 pre-release or later
    - kernel 2.2.14-pre6 kernel from Paul's site

Both are also available from this site.

If you do *not* want to upgrade at this time, please follow the
instructions given in the README.linuxppc release notes for info
on changing the default threads type to green_threads or the jdk
will not function properly.

What's New

  - complete rewrite of native_threads using the latest linuxthreads
    to create a much improved stable native_threads port.

  - native threads are now the default for both jdk 1.1.8 and jdk 1.2.2

  - fixed the java version release string to say 1.1.8 or 1.2.2

  - fixed problems with Runtime.exec

  - fixed problems with thread interrupts, condvar waiting

  - fixed problems with socket interrupts, socket closing, etc

  - fixed some awt problems under some window managers
    (although some still exist)

  - fixed problems with escape key in textfields

  - plus numerous problem fixes direct from Sun in Swing 1.1.1

  - some bug fixes backported from Sun's 1.3

This will be the *final* releases for jdk 1.1 and jdk 1.2 on
PPC Linux unless serious problems are found.

All development work will be moved to jdk 1.3 with HotSpot.

Where to Get It

Thanks to both YellowDog Linux and LinuxPPC there are now up-to-date
mirrors for you to download from:

Please check out one of the following sites:  (the home website)                (mirror of the home website)


Your Blackdown Java Linux Porting Team

p.s. Happy Thanksgiving to the US (we had ours over a month ago!)

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