linux on powermac 8500/120

linux on powermac 8500/120

Post by Amanda Turne » Mon, 10 Nov 1997 04:00:00

Can I do this?


linux on powermac 8500/120

Post by Jan Peters » Fri, 14 Nov 1997 04:00:00

> Can I do this?

Yes it works fine.


linux on powermac 8500/120

Post by Jerry Quin » Fri, 14 Nov 1997 04:00:00

> Can I do this?

Yes!  Go visit and to get
you started.

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1. Firmware entry on Power Mac 8500/120

Note: This has turned into a 'Trojan' letter. I apologiz in advance for how
I have wandered away from the subject header.

I'm attempting to load Yellow Dog Linux 2.3 on to a used 8500/120 that I
bought at a swap meet. I only have a partial os 7.5.5 on the the 2 gig
drive that came with the system. I have no manual and no install disk.

1.      Is there a good web site on the net for a neophite of my ilk?
        (Where do 'Dummies' congregate?)

2.      Is 'apple-option-o-f' the proper command to enter the 'firmware' mode,
and what does that actually mean?

3.      *Must* I have an Apple 'install disk' to accomplish a YDL 2.3 install?
Or, is it possible instead to create a YDL 2.3 boot disk on a Celeron based
computer that will work when popped into the PPC floopy drive?

I have downloaded aladin_exp55.hqx, the the shareware package to expand the
the /install/BootX_Installer.hqx file found on the YDL 2.3 CD-Rom. The
trouble is that the Microsoft Explorer Browser (on my 'broken' 7.5.5
system) will not expand either .hqx file.

Looking further into the browser/decoding issue, I found that the ME
Browser _is_ set to automatically decode BinHex files. I tried decoding
settings for both binary and text files. The application used for the
decoding process is BBEdit.  I suspect that BBEdit is missing from my hard
drive.  If I read the web pages right, the current vereion of BBEdit that's
being touted by is not compatable with whats left of my 7.5.5

Turning to OS 7.5.5, or my lack therof:
I have downloaded the 7.5.3 system and and 7.5.5 update files from the web.
I fear that this will not improve my situation though. This is another set
of software that I won't be able to install without an install disk. Am I
correct on this?

Congratualations! You have just skimmed through a long, rambling letter. If
your brain has not turned to mush, yet, you may move on to level 6, and
attempt to answer some of these questions.

A voice in the wilderness.

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