Driver for ethernet card with DEC 21041 Chip?

Driver for ethernet card with DEC 21041 Chip?

Post by Karl-Michael Schindl » Sat, 04 Apr 1998 04:00:00


I need a DR3 kernel which supports a Kingston ethernet card with a Digital
21041-PA chip. Could somebody supply me with such a kernel or give me
instructions how to build one with a changed tulip.c file (what are the
according the source files and where do I get them, how are they compiled,
where do they have to go, ...)

The Details:

I installed MKLinux DR3 on my PowerMac 4400/200. With some fiddling around
I managed to get it running, but only with the ethernet card removed. It is
from Kingston with the DEC 21041-PA chip. With the card it crashes with an
error message related to the ethernet card. Also I read some related docs
on the net about cards with this chip are not supported/cause problems. So,
I am pretty sure that this is the problem. To solve the problem it was
recommended to change the tulip.c file and to recompile the kernel. Now,
this is where I got stuck. I could not find the tulip.c file. Furthermore,
I don't know which files I need to build the kernel.

Thanks a lot - Michael.
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1. DEC 21041 chip support with Kingston PCI ethernet


I would like to know if the Kingston Technology bus mastering PCI card
called the EtheRx works with the generic DEC 2104x driver.  The
Ethernet HOWTO says that it _may_ run depending on how the
manufacturer programs some GPR.

If the Kingston driver does not work, could you please reccomend
another moderately priced ($50 US) card that I can buy from Datacomm
warehouse that is based on the same chip set.

PS. I am planning on installing Linux for the 1st time ever, and so I
would like to know if I have to reinstall it if I add an ethernet card



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