USB printer possible on LinuxPPC 2000?

USB printer possible on LinuxPPC 2000?

Post by Don Pedr » Thu, 29 May 2003 23:31:37

Hi All

I'm a relative newbie to Linux and have a stable installation of
LinuxPPC 2000.  I tried allsort of others (YDL, Debian) but this is the
only one that works for me & my Mac so far.

That's all fine BUT my printer has a USB connection.  Is there any way
of configuring a USB printer for that dist?  USB gets a mention in
dmesg, but I can't find any mention of usb in manuals, info, howto.
Zilch.  BTW I have found a gimp_print.ppd for the printer (Epson C41UX
- think "sucks") but there is such a ramp of upgrading to do to get to
that version of GIMP I'll be dead and buried long before I get anywhere
near it.

Any advice.  If it's impossible I'll relax!

TIA if anyone can help me out.

Don Pedro


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I've got LinuxPPC 2000 (kernel vmlinux.2.2.15pre3) running on my Blue&White G3
(New World).  After a bit of configuring, things work pretty well.  However, I
haven't been able to "locate" my USB zip drive or USB floppy (not a

I've checked the FAQs and newsgroups, and although atl east the
USB Zip supposedly works with LPPC-2000, I can't figure out what device it
shows up on.

Can anyone tell me what I need to do to mount a Zip disk using a USB zip drive
(or a regular floppy disk, using a USB floppy drive).



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