AsanteFast 10/100 NIC under LinuxPPC w/ 2.1.127 kernel

AsanteFast 10/100 NIC under LinuxPPC w/ 2.1.127 kernel

Post by Ulf Kastne » Fri, 04 Dec 1998 04:00:00

LinuxPPC doesn't appear to be initializing my ethernet card (an Asante
10/100) properly.

Here's the blurb that I get at boot-up:

Quote:> eth0: DC21140 at 0x1000 (PCI bus 0, device 13), h/w [...snip...]
> eth0: Cannot find correct PCI device [13] for SROM decoding!

This is all on a Motorola Starmax 4000/200, the ethernet card in
question is in the slot closest to the motherboard (A1.)  I keep an
installation of MacOS 8.5 on a small partition of the internal IDE drive
and it initializes the same card like a charm.  Perhaps it's important
to note that I use BootX (the current beta version thereof) to get into
LinuxPPC (using the ealry-loading extension that gives me the

I'm a Linux-gringo and can't even begin to interpret the error-message
about SROM-decoding.  I'm looking for answers to the questions:  What
does this mean?  Has anybody else encountered similar problems?  How
could I go about alleviating the problem?

Thanks for your time.



1. AsanteFast 10/100 NIC w/ RH 7.0?

Hello all,

I've been running my 300MHz NEC PentiumII as a Win98 box on my
home LAN behind a IPChains firewall using RH6.1.  Every thing
was rosey...

I just turned the Win98 box into Dual boot with RH 7.0 on a separate
drive.  The RH 7.0 install was painless (workstation install with
my choice of packages), however, my nice little AsanteFast 10/100 NIC
which worked so well under Win98 doesn't want to play nice under RH.

I know, I know... It ain't on the HW compatibility list!  But the
NIC uses a recognized DEC chipset so I'm hopeful...

Anyway, the card is recognized, eth0 can be configured and
shows up with ifconfig.  The tulip kernel module is loaded
(actually old_tulip)... everything should be cool.  But No...

I get no traffic thru the card... no lights on the hub no lights
in the card, nothing.  No error messages that I can find either.

The only problem I can find is that the built-in USB hub and the
NIC are using the same IRQ.  Rebooting into Win98 shows that
they use the same IRQ there too... I don't have and USB devices
so maybe I've simply luckily avoided doom thus far....

I couldn't set the IRQ of the card (or the USB Hub) from within
Windows and unfortunately it didn't work from within RH using
"ifconfig eth0 irq xx".  I diddled around in the BIOS but I couldn't
a way to set IRQs in there either... I could only "reserve" them.
But if I reserve the IRQ being used by both USB & NIC, then both
just get set to the same new available value.

So, My Question... Has anyone gotten an AsanteFast 10/100 card
to work under RH7.0 or am I just spinning my wheels for no reason?
Does the IRQ issue sound like the problem to those of you in the
know?  Any suggestions on how to clear up the conflict?

Many thanks for any info you can provide.....



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