?kernel video argument setting for StarMax 4000/160 MHz?

?kernel video argument setting for StarMax 4000/160 MHz?

Post by Nien-Po Ch » Thu, 04 May 2000 04:00:00

Hi netters,

I just installed LinuxPPC 2000 (kernel 2.2.15 pre3) on my StarMax 4000/160
MHz DT (64 MB RAM).  It co-exists with MacOS 8.6 at different partitions.
It runs pretty good in the "no video driver" mode (slow but generic video
driver, I guess) in BootX (1.2b3).  I would like to know if any of you has
tried "accelearated video" by passing correct kernel argument in BootX.  So
far, I've tried:

vmode=16        <== the kernel output (text dump during boot time) is
blurred, but the penguin at the top-left corner is clear.  After GNOME or
KDE take charge, the cursor will leave trace on the screen, but dragging
the window live (re-draw) is very FAST!!

video=atyfb:vmode:16,cmode:16   <== the kernel text output is clear, but
the cursor still leaves traces.

In my MacOS setting, I have 1024x768 75 Hz, 16 bit color.  The VRAM is the
manufacture configuration (2 MB, I guess)

Any input will be gratefully appreciated.


May 3 2000


?kernel video argument setting for StarMax 4000/160 MHz?

Post by John Fishe » Thu, 04 May 2000 04:00:00

What X server are you using?  Try Xpmac.rev10 if you aren't already
using it.



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