Updating LinuxPPC 1999

Updating LinuxPPC 1999

Post by ill » Fri, 03 Aug 2001 11:31:56

    I have a rev.B iMac with LinuxPPC 1999 Q3 on.  I've had the CD for a
while and never got around to playing with Linux until recently (I'm
uber Newbie).  Any hoo, I would like to upgrade to the latest version.
I downloaded the script or whatever the file was off of the linuxppc.com
site that was supposed to update automatically.  My problem is that
after I do chmod and I do the
I get a weird message along the lines of : "cannot run ./install not
It says this when I'm logged in as root, What gives?

I don't have an extra partition to D/L an ISO to install from, so I
guess I need to do a server install?

Also is there a set up script or program that updates to another distro
(say Debian, or YDL), I don't care that I get LinuxPPC when I update, I
just want to update.  I have a cable modem so bandwidth isn't an issue.



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What's the best/safest way to install all the
updates I see at :


I have the 1st revision of the LinuxPPC 1999 CD-ROM, and I've
already downloaded the latest MacOS-side installer from :


(I installed it once already but have been too busy to
use it.  I'm thinking a clean install with all these
new files would be a good idea.)


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