ydl 2.4 kernel adsl ???

ydl 2.4 kernel adsl ???

Post by Michae » Fri, 29 Nov 2002 15:24:55

hello folks,

after installing rpppoe and typing adsl-start, nothing happens. if i debug
it, i get the errormessage from
ipchains, that the protocol does not exist! i read, that rpppoe does not
work with 2.4 version of kernels?
is that true? what can i do to get my fast internet to work?

thanks micha


1. PB-G4, YDL, & 2.4 kernel

Has anyone tried upgrading to the 2.4 kernel for YDL?
According to YDL, some h/w on some machines is supported by the default
kernel, but not by the 2.4.4 kernel. I'd rather have the majority of my
hardware work and sacrafice the benefits of the 2.4 kernel for the

If you've upgraded kernels and had any h/w cease to function on a G4
Titanium, please reply. :)


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