mounting Apple HD images on Linux?

mounting Apple HD images on Linux?

Post by clyde jone » Mon, 27 Mar 2000 04:00:00

Is it possible to mount an apple image file as a volume on a Linux box?
I have a few images that I would like to share over netatalk.


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1. Cannot mount HD with AHA29 ad Segate HD

      I just downloaded the new kernals for the AHA2940 and the colornew.gz
 and made the boot and root disk and it saw my SCSI and HD and I was finally
able to run fdisk.  I went ahead and made my 3 partition.  Then I tried to
make file system mke2fs -c /dev/sda2 .... but I got into a repeating
message trying to access my SCSI card and it kept on going till finally
I had to shut down the computer and start again.  Also I tried to run the
setup program but when it reaches the install section and start to install
it say to mount my parition and has an error message can not find /etc/fstab
Do anyone know how to fix these problems.  BTW I have a pentium 120
with 80mb ram diamond 2001 graphics card, nec 6x external cdrom and a 3c595
ethernet card and a seagate HD.  

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