Q:how to re-format linux partition with macos

Q:how to re-format linux partition with macos

Post by maverlib.. » Tue, 12 Oct 1999 04:00:00

hi if i would like to return to MacOS on partition I destoyed with pdsik
how can i do?? i tried to retur to apple_hfs but at the rebbot this does

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1. util to format MacOS partition to Unix?


I just received LinuxPPC R5(!!), and have been trying to install it onto a
spare hard drive. However, it seems I have to format my drive to a Unix(?)
format as stated in the installer. I was wondering if anyone knew where I
could get a program that could format my HFS+ formatted drive?

I tried looking at some of the programs in the macosutil folder but didn't
see anything that would do the trick. It's pretty obvious that I am a
newbie huh? :)

Well, thanks in advance...

can't wait to play with Linux!

Daniel Kim

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