7025-F50 keyboard doesn't respond

7025-F50 keyboard doesn't respond

Post by Bernd Huebenet » Thu, 29 Nov 2001 16:36:09


im trying to install Suse 7.3 on a IBM 7025-F50. Booting CD2 works fine
but at the point where i have to choose which language to use my
keyboard doesn't respond. The keyboard is ok and i have tried another
one, too.
Any ideas ??

Thank you very much,


1. KERNEL_PANIC on 7025-F50

I have that system who hang once every 2 or 3
weeks with that error:



     Detail Data

The system is installed for 2 years now, and this
appended not on a regular base, but at least 10

     Status Panel: 888-102-700-0c0

The system reboot by it self because it is set
this way.

What is my system hanging ?

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