howto external VGA video on ibook2

howto external VGA video on ibook2

Post by jcc » Fri, 07 Jun 2002 00:15:46


i'm looking for some howto on how to get the VGA video output working on
my ibook2 (i'm using ydl).



howto external VGA video on ibook2

Post by phlashst » Sat, 08 Jun 2002 14:35:45

You can try just messing with the m3mirror app by Benjamin
Herrenschmidt (under the "PowerMac Kernels" section)

its pretty self explanitory; your just gonna have to mess with the
different resolutions of the aty128fb driver to get an ideal output
from the vga.


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I have an iBook2 500 with Ati Rage M3 running debian.
Whenever i try to use the vga-out under X there are two possibilities:

- The screen is moving in horizontal waves (connect to running iBook)
- The screen is cut into pieces and these are laid on each other
  (very ugly) (connect when it is running)

The Console is ok on external monitor.

I use an BenH 2.4.20-pre11-ben0 kernel and Xfree 4.2.1. I'm using
Perhaps you have some tips for me. Everything I have read till now had no
Thanks for any advice.


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