xemacs and html

xemacs and html

Post by Louis Kowolowsk » Thu, 20 May 1999 04:00:00

has anyone gotten xemacs to do html validation?
when I try it I get:
cd /home/louisk/public_html/linux/how-to/
nsgmls -s -m /usr/lib/xemacs/site-packages/etc/psgml//CATALOG
/usr/lib/xemacs/site-packages/etc/psgml/html4l.dtd index.html
/bin/bash: nsgmls: command not found

SGML validation exited abnormally with code 127 at Wed May 19 20:07:20
I know that the nsgmls binary is missing, any idea where to get it?
i've gotten all of the rpm's from gary thomas' site, and was hoping to
bypass compiling the whole mess myself but if there aren't any better
options I guess i will...any ideas?

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1. HTML / XEMACS question

I couldn't find any emacs ng's (newsfeeds rather limited) so I thoughth
maybe I'd ask the question here.
I julst started using Xemacs to code HTML and like it, but would like it
to do two things I can't make it do...
1. Auto tab-over tables and the like, i.e. make
<tr><td></td></tr> into
</tr>,  It doesn't have to be exactly like that, but something to help me
do complex tables.  It would be just fine if it only did it to
pre-existing files (I can do it myself on new ones)
2. Network transparent file loading, you know I type in a URL and it just
opens it in xEMACS.  Don't need it to save (thoughwould be nice)
I have to guess that this fine editor can do these things.  Am I right?
Alan J. Laser


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