mklinux and module support (for ip masquerading)

mklinux and module support (for ip masquerading)

Post by Patric » Mon, 04 Jan 1999 04:00:00

hello all-

we are working on getting ip masquerading (nat) working under mklinux to
route from ppp to ethernet.  We have gotten the masquerading working, but
are having trouble with the irc/ftp/etc modules.  not being too familiar
with mklinux, we are wondering if perhaps mk doesn't support modules?  or
perhaps the mach kernel itself doesn't support modules?  any help would be
very much appreciated!!!

Jeff Croft


1. mkLinux and IP Masquerading

Any pointers to URLs with specific step-by-steps for mkLinux IP
Masquerading setup?

I've seen a few resource pages, but they were mainly targeted at i386
monolithic kernel distributions... I don't know if the process is
substantially different, but being a relative linux newbie, wanted to
be sure.  Especially if I'm going to need to recompile my kernel for
the first time.  (Is that a form of geek virginity loss?)



Chris Pott

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