problem with X (and some other Q's)

problem with X (and some other Q's)

Post by pete » Wed, 18 Mar 1998 04:00:00

hi, first off, i'm really new to Linux, and by that i mean i just
installed it yesterday! i had very few glitches when installing (nothing
due to anything but my getting aquainted with the installer, etc.), but i
got it to work right, so i don't think that's my problem.
i've got a basic working knowledge of UNIX (Solaris), so this isn't all
greek to me. :)

first, here's my configuration:

PowerComputing PowerCenter 150
MacOS 8.1 on one drive
LinuxPPC on a dedicated drive (1.4 GB)
RedHat v2.1.24
ethernet (configured correctly, connections do work)

the problem that i'm having is that X just won't work. i start it up (i've
tried several commands, like 'X' and 'startx') and it changes to a gray
screen with an X-shaped cursor (my mouse moves it, anyway) in the middle.
then it just sits there. nothing ever shows up on the screen. i even
started it last night before i went to bed and this morning the only thing
that had changed was that the screen had dimmed to another shade of gray.
it popped back to what it normal is when i moved the mouse and then i was
back where i started. the only way i can get out of this dreaded gray
screen is to restart the computer. usually taht causes some disk errors,
but those are easily fixed using the command 'e2fsck' (i *think* that's
it, but i'm in MacOS right now).

i've tried reinstalling Linux a couple of times, but that doesn't do it either.
i have no idea what is going on here. i've never even used X before, but
i'm following the instructions that i've found very carefully.

there were a couple of files that failed to install no matter howmany
times i tried. they were 'xmahjongg' and 'latex2html'. the installer gave
an error something like "execuation of script failed".

some other questions that i've yet to find answers for:

-how do i delete a user after i make one with 'adduser'?
-after creating a new user with 'adduser' what do i have to do to change
the new user's password? i've tried just using 'passwd' immediately
afterword, but that seems to be changing the root account's password.
-how do i emulate terminals for telnet? when i telnet somewhere, the
remote server tells me that it doesn't understand terminal type 'linux' (i
can't find a TERM file anywhere...)

help with these things and any other tips would be greatly appreciated.
(also, please cc: replies to my email, i don't get to newsgroups very




1. 3 Qs: sio0 overflows, "unknown class 'root'", identd


I have a few questions about some entries in my /var/log/messages file
that I was hoping some bright spark could illuminate me on. :)

The first query is about a whole bunch of these:

  <date> <host> /kernel: sio0: 1 more silo overflow (total <count>)

At first I suspected it was to so with me driving my modem port at
115,200 because it's a 16450 UART. Am I correct in my impression that a
16450 UART can be run at 115,200, like a 16550 can?

The second query is about my identd with IRC. I have it in my inetd.conf
with the man page recommended syntax:

  ident stream tcp wait root /usr/local/sbin/identd identd -w -t120

and it actually lets me on to identd-only IRC servers. The only this is
/whois's of me still show the damn tilde (~) prefixing my username. I
get challenged by the occasional IRCOp about it (since I have my two
housemates using our network simultaneously).

Is it a problem at my end, or something to do with the fact I'm
connected via a permanent modem connection to my ISP and their identd
(or lack of) is causing problems?

The third query is about a zillion:

  <date> <host> inetd[<pid>]: login_getclass: unknown class 'root'

I'm damned if I can work out what this is all about. I wondered if it
may be something to with the identd problem mentioned above, but it
seems to happen at frequent irregular intervals 24 hours/day. (Again,
I'm not sure if it's identd involvement because we sometimes detach IRC
screens, etc).

Or might the identd problem be due to the fact I have three Windows
machines connected (via 10base2) to my FreeBSD box (which is acting as a
PPP dialup and IP translator). Could it be that 3 users with 3 different
nicks and usernames are showing up as giving the same IP, thereby
confusing the identd (doesn't ident run on IP, not username?).

If someone can wade through that lot of stuff above and give me some
answers, I'd be greatly appreciative of it. Thanks in advance.

Would you mind Ccing any replies to me via email, please? I read this
group but, obviously, am loathe to miss any input regarding these


Matt Bruce

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