LinuxPPC99: 'INIT: ld ''x'' respawning too fast...'??

LinuxPPC99: 'INIT: ld ''x'' respawning too fast...'??

Post by William H. Schult » Fri, 01 Oct 1999 04:00:00

Hey.  I don't know exactly what causes the problem, but I know that if you
run Xautoconfig and/or Xconfigurator (and set it up differently this time),
it can fix the problem.  Basically, it's in the settings.  I don't know
where, but it just can't load x windows.  I've found that on my 8500/120, it
won't do 16bit color.  It'll do 8 or 24, but no 16.

Try that.



> Hi there,

> I am a totally newbie on Linux.
> I managed to install LinuxPPC99 from CD on a Pb 3400 according to the
> LinuxPPC Userguide --
> everything went smooth (installing BootX, the Linux-installer,
> partitioning, choosing and installing packages, entering password
> etc.).

> Now, I am trying to (re-)boot, a lot of lines pass by, it looks quiet
> good, but then the X windows system refused to boot:
> the message is:

> 'INIT: ld ''x'' respawning too fast: disabled for 5 minutes'

> I really can't make any sense of this -- I understand something like
> 'x' won't come out 'of the egg' because it is too 'early'?!
> After a period of maybe 5 minutes, the system tries indeed to pass
> this level but fails again, and so again and again...

> Ok, any help or suggestion how to solve this problem (and, actually,
> any hint to understand _what_ is the problem) are highly welcome.

> Thank you for any support!

> Giorgio

> --
> "We remind you that there are other possibilities"
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I just got xdm up and running on my machine, but all of a sudden myu
keyboard locks up on me for no reason.  When this happens, I get the
following on my xconsole:

Apr  7 17:46:44 init[1]: Id "c1" respawning too fast: disabled for 5 minutes

If I hit return a lot of times, the keyboard goes back to working again.
This will happen both if I'm logged in or sitting in xdm's xlogin.  It never
happened before I installed xdm.

Anyone have an idea what's up? (besides turning off xdm)

Thanks for any help.


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