linuxconf not part of YDL2.0???

linuxconf not part of YDL2.0???

Post by Michael E. Sto » Tue, 03 Jul 2001 11:35:01

can't find any part of linuxconf on my system except for the man
files.  I desticntly remember telling the installer not to add it to
the startup inits, because I could run it when I want ti, but it does
not exist at all.


PS.  The reason I want to look at linux conf is beacuse YDL2.0 will
not mount hfs cds, even though my /etc/fstab entry has "auto" for


1. YDL2.3 does not find HD for install on 2002 iBook

my YDL 2.3 installed properlly on a Lombard, bronze Keyboard.

Now I tried to install it on an iBook. Unfortunately the installer
complains about a not present harddisk. Neither partitioniing or
mountpoints succeed.
Afterwards I checked with the MacOSX pdisk and this also reports a
'(permission denied)' disk.

What the hell did the apples built this time ?

Hado Hein, Berlin, Fed. Rep. of Germany
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