Is it not possible to install LinuxPPC on iBook SE 366 ???

Is it not possible to install LinuxPPC on iBook SE 366 ???

Post by B » Wed, 07 Nov 2001 14:14:22


I'd like to ask for some help installing LinuxPPC (2K/Q4) on my iBook
SE (366MHz/320MB RAM/20GB HD IBM Travelstar).

I have installed MkLinux before on some old world machines, so I am
not a complete beginner and I know the steps and what they do.
However, on the iBook I don't seem to get anywhere ...

I have reserved 2GB for LinuxPPC on the HD (currently HFS) and I tried
to partition this (as I did for MkLinux on old world machines) using
the pdisk utility. Bad news is that the pdisk utility is unable to see
anything. It would seem that the 20GB Travelstar is not supported by

Upon issuing the pdisk command "L", it comes back with four errors
"could not open hda0.0/hda0.1/hda1.0/hda1.1".

Next I tried to boot off the LinuxPPC CD in order to try my luck with
perldisk. At first everything seems fine, but when Linux attemps to
start the Xserver it abort with a message "you are here for one of two
reasons: a) your system doesn't support X windows or b) you haven't
got enough memory, min required is 48MB" and takes me to a shell
prompt. I tried to start X manually but to no avail. I tried to launch
the text based installer, again no luck.

Can please someone help me to get past this hurdle.

I have a 15GB OSX partition on that drive with lots of data and
software on it, so I wouldn't want to use any utility that requires me
to start from scratch and loos the OSX partition.

thank you in advance


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