Help with -nooptionpower ?

Help with -nooptionpower ?

Post by Shawn Lav » Tue, 09 Feb 1999 04:00:00

I need a little hint.

As a first LinuxPPC installation I got the Release 4 distribution
from and installed it with few problems on my machine.

PowerComputing PowerWave
250 Mhz G3 upgrade card (NewTech)
320 Mb memory
ATI XClaim VR video card

The only problem that I had were :

1. The glibc-info package refused to install properly (I'll get
that off the net later).

2. The estimate of 500 Mb for /usr is low if you want to do a
full install, so I had to juggle partions a bit.

Now the only problem I am having is the documented (in the FAQ)
of X crashing whenever I release the option key.

I read the FAQ and know the options I have to apply when X is
started (via startx or xinit) but my browsing has yet to reveal
the location of the script that is doing this.

I've never done this level things on a Linux or Unix system, so
would appreciate any hint. Anybody ?

Shawn Lavin
As always, my opinions are my own


1. PowerComputing Clone and -nooptionpower, Help please

I read the FAQ (X crashes when I press the option key)
and as someone who has never adminned a Linux box, I'm
a bit stumped and would appreciate any help I can get.

The FAQ indicates that I should, when starting X either use
the option "-nooptionpower" if I have the most recent X
deistribution or remap the middle and right buttons with
something like "-nooptionmouse -middlekey 115 -rightkey 121".

Okay, I tried to track this down as to where in the process
I should do this (where X gets started and will accept these
options) and I am quite frankly stumped. I assumed that :


would be the right spot, but I've tried with no luck.

I'm running a vanilla LinuxPPC release 4 and believe that
I have done my homework. Anyone feel like taking pity on
me and pointing me the right direction ???

I will of course check back here, I tried to post this question
about a week ago and never saw it come through on news, so
forgive me if you are seeing this a second time. Thanks for
at least reading this far.

Shawn Lavin
As always, my opinions are my own

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