Help! Can't install MkLinux DR3...

Help! Can't install MkLinux DR3...

Post by pier » Sun, 14 Mar 1999 04:00:00

        It says "Error bootstrap task cnnont find config.file ......" Whats wrong?
What format should the CD have HFS or ISO9660? Is the textfileformat wrong?

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Dear all,

         I have tried to follow Gilbert Coville instructions to install
mklinux on a PMac 9500/upgraded to G3/266 running MacOS F-8.1, but I am
apparently missing something, since I get a nice start which unfortunately
stops with the three two following (approximate) lines:

     loading /dev/boot_device/mach_server/default_pager
     default_pager: started
     (bootstrap): loading /dev/boot_device/mach_server/linux+installer

     Then the screen switches to black (hence my approximation of the previous
lines) and turns to some kind of energy sparing status.

     I have downloaded the DR3/Redhat folder on an internal hard disk which is
not the system disk and this might be the reason ?

     Have I to install the Redhat folder in a unix partition ? I have finally
managed to create such partitions root/swap/usr but they are not visible by
MacOS. May the problem be due to the video board (it is the standard PCI ATI
board shipped with all 9500s).

     Thanks in advance for your help.


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